We have had a wonderful first full season and it has been a real pleasure to share our home with you all! We have met some great people and some regulars who have been here a few visits already! We have even had visitors who revealed they were related…2nd cousins to Tim..we are now regularly in touch and are thrilled with our new extended family!

We have had other photograph enthusiasts, Northern Light hunters, astronomers with telescopes, walkers, cyclists, whole site take overs, families, couples, single visitors looking for peace and tranquility….a fantastic assortment of guests!

What an amazing season!

We are now closed until next March which is giving us time to work on some of the feedback from you lovely folk!

We will be addressing the lane  (yes, I can hear some of the reactions from here!!). We cannot promise it will ever be a smooth tarmacked affair as we are a working farm and it would not cope with the farm vehicles…but we will endeavor to smooth out as best we can and remove the loose stone which has accumulated over the season!

Also, after some of your feedback of the larger loose stone on the pitches (these have been dragged to the surface through use ) we will be removing and re-rolling.

Some feed back we have had have included separating the pitches with some sort of screening but this has been outweighed  by the amount of  visitors who have stressed on an uninterrupted all around view and easier access on and off the terraces. Also many of our visitors have extra guests to visit so there would be no extra space for vehicles visiting.

We have implemented some of your suggestions during the season, including a separate dog waste bin, keeping the middle meadow cut more regularly for children and pets.

We thank you all for your feedback especially those who took the time to talk to us about any tips…as it all helps to make us better!

Again I emphasise if it is a perfect approach with immaculately kept limestone/ manicured lawned pitches you want(we use earth coloured stone and have farm meadows to stay in-keeping with the natural surroundings) then maybe a CL is not for you and a commercial site would be better suited.

We can offer a very warm welcome, spacious pitches with water, waste and electricity on tap ….( we are one of very few fully serviced pitch CLs!) stunning views, beautiful walks and a great location to explore our wonderful county! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?


Once again a big thank you to our lovely visitors in 2016 who have made it a real pleasure for our first full season…and if you are reading this and considering us for 2017 then come and give us a go! Dry runs and visits are welcome…just give us a call before hand and we will be happy to see you over the winter months.

I will be any posting updates over the winter but in the meantime enjoy your winter caravanning and see you in the spring!

And thank you all for your wonderful support!

Joolz and Tim x