Well, it’s been a crazy start to Spring, weather-wise…with some of our visitors witnessing snow, hail, rain and sunshine…often all at once!

But at last we think Spring has arrived and hoping that the wild flower meadow is going to sprout! We are hoping for something to start showing colour by mid June..fingers crossed the frost hasn’t ruined play!

I get lots of visitors who are interested in astronomy and one in particular set up a solar scope to try and capture the transit of Mercury! This was a rare event where the planet Mercury can be seen passing in front of the sun.  Unfortunately we had a thin veil of cloud that day which spoilt the fun but the views from the farm were appreciated, albeit not celestial on that occasion!

transit of Mercury

We are getting lots of lovely feedback from our visitors especially marvelling at our wonderful views and really appreciate all feedback. Many of you are putting out bird feeders and are really interested in the wildlife..so we have planted some new hedgerows. These will not detract from the view even when fully grown and will also give some more privacy from the farm track. We are hoping this will attract more wildlife and provide places for nesting birds. We have also planted a couple of small areas of native trees, again away from the pitch sides and not in the way of the outstanding views.

We are now in full swing of our busiest time…with very little weekend availability over the Summer now. So just to say a big thank you to our visitors for making this such a successful venture …and most importantly…an enjoyable one!