Work is now well and truly under way installing the electric hook up units!

We are looking at completing this by the end of next week! This gives us two weeks to get the Certificates over to the Caravan Club to be approved well before our first guests arrive on the 4th of March!

Bookings have gone crazy the last couple of weeks with many public holidays now booked up…

Don’t forget we have an availability Calendar which I update regularly to see which weekends are booked up already.. Click here….  Is my date free?

Looking forward to meeting all the lovely people I have spoken to and emailed over the winter months. I’ve got to say it is a great way to spend the dark, cold days planning holidays for warmer times!…I almost forgot to book my own!

We will be spending time on the CL in our own van for a night or two…silly as it sounds…but a chef has to try his own food doesn’t he?