Just like any other caravan site we are susceptible to no shows…luckily we have fantastic visitors who give us as much warning as possible….so the no shows we are talking about are not our caravaners…it’s the wild flowers! Where are they?


We spent nearly £400 on wild flower seed at the start of the season  but sadly they seem to have been smothered by the grass this year!! So terribly disappointed, as I am sure many of our visitors are after seeing the photographs of last season’s amazing show! We have taken advice from a seed supplier and it seems there is little we can do to salvage this year’s crop…as getting machinery onto the banks to rotovate with caravans and campers at the bottom is a little tricky to say the least!

So apologies to our visitors this year, so far it is looking a little green with a few sparce flowers here and there…maybe they are holding back…fingers crossed!

We promise there are still glorious views!